Penis Exercises vs. Penis Extender

One of penis enlargement techniques, the “jelqing” penis exercises program, has been around for many years. The method of penis exercises basically consists of manual manipulation/massaging on the penis. The other method is a mechanical device, commonly known as penis extender, which is designed to enhance tissue growth. This device is worn on the body during the whole day. Both of these methods have their own benefits, and this article will shed some light and help you to choose a safe alternative for penis enlargement surgery that will work best for you.

If performed incorrectly, jelqing technique can trigger such severe side effects as flaccidity and inability to obtain an erection during an intercourse. Though there is a solution for this kind of situations as well: you can use such medications as Levitra, Viagra, Cialis or some other herbal supplement to get an erection.

What about penis extenders? Penis expender can be worn at leisure time and even during work or at errands. They offer high level of flexibility and comfort, and are very convenient to use by men with even the busiest schedules. If the instructions are followed closely, you can reach an increase of 2-4 inches in length as well some increase in girth (which is impossible to reach with jelqing).

Permanent Penis Enlargement Techniques

Last time we reviewed a couple of herbal penis enhancement products. Are there any other products that are worth our attention? Yes, there other permanent penis enlargement techniques:

Penis enhancement exercises

The origin of penis exercises may be found in the Middle East where men discovered these penis enhancement exercises effective. Jelqing consists of 150-250 penis exercises that needs to be performed over twenty minutes. The exercises are usually not troublesome and can add up to 3 inches to the size of your penis.

Enhancement surgery

Penis enlargement surgery – this permanent penis enlargement technique of increasing the penis size is kind of harmful one, as it’s linked with quite a few risks. The operation is simple. The surgeon cuts the suspensory ligament, and as a result the penis becomes up to 2-3 inches longer.

It is vital to know that some men who have undergone penile surgery, which is thought to be a very simple procedure, complain of their inability to hold an erection. Such a risk exists because your penis doesn’t have a necessary support after your suspensory ligament is cut. One more unpleasant thing that may occur is fatty deposits that may be built up underneath skin; penis will lose its appearance.

Penis Extenders

The technique of traction used in penis extenders is regarded to be the best and most reliable procedure of altering penis size, with the result seen within a week of its application.

The effect of this gadget relies on the replication of the penis cells. The usage of the penis extenders is endorsed by the medical doctors because it is a natural method of increasing the penis size up to a half of its original size, and, more importantly, the results will be permanent. Other favorable results of this permanent penis enlargement technique are longer-lasting orgasms, stronger erections, up to 60% improvement of penis curvatures and better stamina.

Our conclusion is the following: if your intention is enhanced sexuality and stamina you may choose penis pills or patches; the idea to have a bigger penis will come true safely just with penis extenders. Forget about other permanent penis enlargement techniques, they will do more harm than good. These penis extenders are compliant with CE requirements and are made of certified supplies, so you needn’t worry and you can use them as a permanent penis enlargement technique to get the penis size you want naturally and safely. No risks and no negative side effects.

Buy an Herbal Penis Enhancement Product

When you attempt to buy a herbal penis enhancement product, which would suit you best, you usually really feel frustrated once you come to know what an enormous selection one has today. If you decide to enlarge your penis, enhance stamina and improve sexual drive, you are to choose between pills, patches, surgery, exercises or penis extenders.

But is it really so? There is only one strategy to find out. You must learn how they work and what results you should have after a few months of using herbal penis enhancement products. If you do this, it will likely be clear to you that what the manufacturers say differs rather a lot from what you may actually have.

Penis enhancement pills

This product features a wide range of benefits but it does not have some benefits ascribed to it often. Though having mainly natural base and being absolutely harmless, these penis enhancement pills don’t contribute considerably to the increase of penile size.

They have an actual influence on your energy and sexual pleasure intensification due to their aphrodisiac effect. But don’t expect the changes in penis size. There are other benefits of penis pills and their components too.

Penis enhancement patches

Penis enhancement patches include the same elements as penis enhancement pills but provide them straight into blood with the help of a transdermal technique.

Reliable Penis Enhancement Product

You could feel annoyed when you start looking for a reliable penis enhancement product as there are various choices available nowadays. Penis extenders, patches, pills, surgery or exercises. Producers state that all these things will provide you with the identical outcome – your penis will be larger and your sexual performance will be better and give you the utmost experience.

How to make the best decision and choose the reliable penis enhancement product? Do your homework! Do a little analysis into the way each product works, what outcomes it may help you obtain and how much it will take. The outcome will reveal a most surprising difference between the claimed and actual effects of these products in your body.


Very often the result of taking pills is far from the expected one. They contain herbal substances but their lengthening impact is sort of invisible.

What these penis enhancement pills can really offer is the aphrodisiac quality. They’ll enhance your sexual intercourse through increased blood circulation in penile tissues and their extra firmness. Ingredients of penis enhancement pills introduced below can not increase the size of penis but provide other benefits:

1. Damiana – lengthens orgasms, makes your sexual features better.
2. Tribulus Terrestris – improves your sexual desire and stamina.
3. Epimedium Leaf Extract – increases sexual desire.
4. Red Ginseng – is famous for its aphrodisiac effect. This plant is considered beneficial as it can fuel up the body. This is a great source of energy and it refers to sexual power as well.

Penis enhancement patches

Penis enhancement patches consist of the identical components as penis enhancement pills but provide them straight into blood with the assistance of a transdermal technique.

Penis enhancement exercises

Jelqing has been known since the ancient times in the oriental countries, where it is an extremely widespread technique of penis enhancement exercises. The training course usually includes between 100 and 200 exercises and lasts for about half an hour. The exercises aren’t difficult and will add up to 3 inches to the size of your penis. But you should remember that this technique will provide you with long-term results solely in case you do them again and again. When you stop doing the exercises, your penis will return to its normal length again.

Penis surgery

Phalloplasty is a last-ditch method, and it is the most hazardous amongst other methods. It’s a surgical procedure which ensures four inches penis enlargement.

Don’t think that it is rather easy and healthy procedure. Penile surgery could trigger some problems with erection because penis might lose suspensory ligament support. Another consequence of this surgery one ought to be aware of prior to choosing it is the accumulation of fatty deposits underneath the skin of your penis, making it look bumpy.

Penis Extenders

Maybe the simplest and reliable method is penis extender usage. The results can be evident in 7 days of practising it.

Penis extender is meant for tissue cells reduplication. It cannot damage you, it is designed to enlarge penis in length and girth. And this method is totally natural. Moreover, the length of your orgasms could be increased, erections will become stronger and can last more, the shape of your organ and stamina will also be improved.

Summing it all it’s clear that penis pills and patches improve sexual pleasure, but when you want penis enlargement it’s better to resort to penis extenders. Penis extenders meet CE requirements, they are approved by doctors. They are designed from Medical Type 1 supplies, which proves that your body will not experience any harm at all. So, it’s the most secure method to enlarge your penis size by 3-4 inches permanently and be sure that you don’t harm your organism.

Safe penis enhancement

Exercising is by far the safest way of enhancing the penis. Its effectiveness hinges on the natural reaction of the body cells to divide and multiply when continuously subject to pressure. There are no dubious substances to take and there’s no question of having a knife anywhere near your penis; it’s all done in the privacy of your bathroom. You decide what penis exercises to use and you decide how long the routines take.

According to the Penis Extender Forum, penis extender operates based on the same principle that exercise hinges upon. This device stretches the penile tissues, accounting for the development of new, bulkier and heftier muscles. This adaptive reaction of the human cells ultimately enhances both the length and the width or girth of the penis. Thus, the penis device serves its purpose.

Girls like it big

Forget what they tell you – women like it big. They want a man oozing with self confidence, and whose sexual prowess will make them forget that vibrators, dildo, eggs and rings ever existed. It’s true.

In fact, according to recent surveys women prefer bigger penises more than you prefer bigger breasts. We know. We couldn’t believe it either. Flaccid or erect, women do care.

Get the best penis extender, enlarge your penis and prove to your partner that you are comfortable with the size of your penis, and everything elseā€¦ will fall into place.

The proof is in the results.

In a recently published study, of the women who were surveyed the majority of them felt that men with bigger penises were more sexually secure. And this in turn translated into their performance in the bedroom.

How to find the best penis extender? Read the penis extender forum and compare penis extenders. That’s it. It’s simple, easy and fast! What are you waiting for?