How JesExtender Works

You might be interested in the principle of JesExtender work. According to the JesExtender Review, it stretches the penis gently and stimulates cell production, thus making the length and girth of the penis bigger.

Muscles in your organ respond the same way as muscles in other parts of your body when you train them. For example, your biceps will grow if you exercise them. The same thing happens with the penis muscles. When the penis is gently stretched, some tiny tears appear in the penis tissue; as a result, more cells start to grow to “fix” the tear. The penis gets bigger and this new length and girth retains.

Safe penis enhancement

Exercising is by far the safest way of enhancing the penis. Its effectiveness hinges on the natural reaction of the body cells to divide and multiply when continuously subject to pressure. There are no dubious substances to take and there’s no question of having a knife anywhere near your penis; it’s all done in the privacy of your bathroom. You decide what penis exercises to use and you decide how long the routines take.

According to the Penis Extender Forum, penis extender operates based on the same principle that exercise hinges upon. This device stretches the penile tissues, accounting for the development of new, bulkier and heftier muscles. This adaptive reaction of the human cells ultimately enhances both the length and the width or girth of the penis. Thus, the penis device serves its purpose.

Penis Extender to Cure Premature Ejaculation

What is the principle of operation of the penis extender and can it cure premature ejaculation?

It is recommended to wear the extender for 2-3 hours, and in the result the penis tissue grow in a natural way, because the penis extender is based on the same method, which is applied in orthopaedic surgery.

If you use the penis extender, you stimulate the muscles of your penis, which, in its turn, contributes to longer and stronger erections. Males having premature ejaculations find real help, because it allows them to extend the intercourse and please their partners better.

Risks of homemade penis extenders

Some very typical risks of homemade penis extenders include:

  • Cuts and injuries. They appear very often, because the surface material of homemade penis extender is not perfectly smooth and damage the thin and sensitive penis skin. There will be no marks that last for ever, but cuts and bruises hurt a lot. And one of the worst things is that no sexual intercourse is allowed until cuts and bruises disappear completely. If you don’t want to experience this, you should immediately stop using all home-made devices and never start doing it again. You are advised to have arnica oil at home, which will help you relieve the pain caused by bruises and strains, and it also helps to fight inflammation.
  • Damages of nerves and blood vessels. This problem occurs when the blood flow remains interrupted for a long time or when too high pressure is applied to a certain body area. If you feel that your penis has lost its sensitivity in a certain area or completely, or if you see it becoming blue-green, you should rush to the surgeon immediately. It is really dangerous and should be treated by doctors.

Penis Extenders vs Penis Enlargement Surgery

If you are one of those 90% of men who wish to have a longer penis than they really have, you should think about possible ways of doing it. There exist two popular ways, namely a surgical operation and a penis extender.

Before selecting one of these two ways it is recommended to compare them:

  • Penis Enlargement Price. If you decide to undergo a surgical operation, it will mean there will be a group of doctors, including one anesthesiologist and those watching you during the operation. Add the hospital expenses, costs for the surgical room and the total price of the operation will comprise several thousand dollars.
  • And if you consider the penis extender, it will cost just a small part of the operation costs. In this respect a penis extender has an obvious advantage.
  • Money return. A surgical operation aimed at penis enlargement is an expensive option, but there is no guarantee that you will have your money back in case of a negative result. You cannot return any part of the money you have spent on an operation, even if after it your penis is deformed.
  • The manufacturers of the penis extender are confident of themselves, and they guarantee you will have your money back in case of a negative or no result within half a year starting from the purchase date. You can even have a bigger penis FREE OF CHARGE, as the only thing you should do is to send them two pictures, one showing your penis before the application, and the second showing it after using the penis extender.

SizeGenetics and Male Extra

Though currently the market has a lot to offer to the one wishing to increase his penis size, almost all of these things are fakes with a lot of dangerous side effects.

The SizeGenetics penis extender device gives traction, which helps to strengthen its muscles, thus resulting in improving of the phallus condition. SizeGenetics has also developed several penis exercises allowing one to improve the condition of one’s phallus and increase its size.

Moreover you can combine SizeGenetics with Male Extra, a pill allowing you to see the results up to 58% faster.

Male Extra is called Viagra of the natural origin, and it is charged with all positive features of pomegranate. The medicine is of the natural origin only, which means there is no risk connected with it. Male Extra does not have any side effects, which is true for Viagra. And there is no wonder that more and more men prefer using MaleExtra when trying to achieve constant erectile effects.

One wears SizeGenetics unit over the phallus, thus making it thicker by means of traction. And Male Extra pill acts from inside of one’s body doing the same thing. Consumption of Male Extra pills and combining it with doing the exercises, which are part of the SizeGenetics system, will allow you to decrease the time required for applying the device, thus speeding up the process and the results by 58%!

Reduce Penis Curvature with Penis Extender

Feel unhappy again because a girl doesn’t want to see you after having sex?

This may happen just because of a penis curvature.

It doesn’t really matter what causes the untypical penis curvature, because the consequence of it includes pains and discomfort. One more consequence is that the phallus looks considerably smaller. A phallus of this type may make a man feel abased, and his self-respect may fall down, because this condition often leads to the loss of interest from women.

A penis extender may help you reduce penis curvature.

It is possible to purchase the penis extender in the Internet. It is very pleasant for the most of buyers, that the unit is delivered in a careful and private manner. You don’t need to worry about your small and bent phallus any more. If you purchase the penis extender, this device will help you to unbend your phallus and your life, and you will make it happen quickly and easily.

Penis Extender Help

The problem every beginner encounters is the fact that pubic hair becomes a bit of a problem during penis exercises and when you use penis extenders. You are always afraid that you can pull hair unexpectedly and feel this horrible pain. In addition, your hair may become an obstacle when you want to get a good grip on the base of the shaft. What can you do? You may opt for either cutting your hair short or shaving it altogether. You will find it easier to go through a session without hair. You will not have to struggle or wait for pain. You may find it difficult to make a decision about shaving but your hair will grow again later.

And this is not the biggest problem. It is almost impossible to have full control of the penis for men. When it is necessary to get only partial erections, you may experience hard time. Some exercises need to be done when you have only a partial erection but most often men find themselves fully erect. It results in inability to do necessary exercises. It is recommended to think about something that does not refer to sex, you may think about food or money, watch TV, or look through a newspaper or a magazine. You will not have to wait long – your erection will subside a little soon.

Finally, it is not advisable to measure your penis frequently. You will not see quick results and it is an easy way to demotivate yourself. A man engaged in penis enlargement should remember it will take some time. There won’t be any quick gains. But you should keep in mind that you are striving for a better sex life and more enjoyable sex. Avoid rushing that can make all your efforts useless. You will get more if you stop thinking about getting it quickly.

Sexual function of a penis

It is the sexual function that attracts the most interest and attention to penis. It is considered to be one of the most important factors in sexual intercourse and keen sexual pleasure. And it is equally important for both sexes. The pleasure of the sexual intercourse is correlated with three basic elements: libido (concupiscence), blood inflow and outflow, innervation. All the elements must “work” properly, for penis is, without doubt, the most actively used part of male genitalia.

The penis extender program differs much from those that are present within the industry. It is a successful combination of a penis extender appliance, penis pills and volume pills and free penis exercises, which assures the noticeable enlargement of your penis to have much sexual pleasure, yours and your woman. This remedy had passed a lot of tests before it was offered you as the quickest and the most suitable and effective way of the problem salvation.

The penis enlargement exercises program is the result of serious doctors’ check studies. It takes you some minutes every day for training with this program which is represented by different exercises series.

Penis extender

When discussed in detail, the thought of a big penis becomes an important one. Nowadays more and more men get preoccupied with the size of their ‘best friend’, and a lot of them are considering certain methods of penis enlargement. The Internet is full of web-sites of different companies, offering their customers some of these methods, and, thus, the problem is becoming an even more vital topic.

The use of penis extender is simple, causes no pains and is suitable for all penis sizes. You can have it on for a long time, but we recommend you using it from 2 to 8 hours a day. What influences the effect of the device is not the period between applications, but the total number of hours you wear it. The penis extender stretches the penis and, due to what the number of cells in it increases. The length of the penis gets 2-4 inches more and it gets 1-3 inches more in its circumference. The disparity of penis parameters gets 70% better and its erectile and orgasmic characteristics remain untouched.

Penis extender is the right solution for you, if you want to make your erection stronger and last longer!