How JesExtender Works

You might be interested in the principle of JesExtender work. According to the JesExtender Review, it stretches the penis gently and stimulates cell production, thus making the length and girth of the penis bigger.

Muscles in your organ respond the same way as muscles in other parts of your body when you train them. For example, your biceps will grow if you exercise them. The same thing happens with the penis muscles. When the penis is gently stretched, some tiny tears appear in the penis tissue; as a result, more cells start to grow to “fix” the tear. The penis gets bigger and this new length and girth retains.

Jerry K

Dr. Jerry K is the founder and CEO of, part of a team of more than 30 experts. Dr. Jerry K is not a medical doctor but holds a degree of Doctor of Psychology; he specializes in family medicine and sexual health products. During the last ten years Dr. Jerry K has authored a lot of health blogs and a number of books on nutrition and sexual health.