Risks of homemade penis extenders

Some very typical risks of homemade penis extenders include:

  • Cuts and injuries. They appear very often, because the surface material of homemade penis extender is not perfectly smooth and damage the thin and sensitive penis skin. There will be no marks that last for ever, but cuts and bruises hurt a lot. And one of the worst things is that no sexual intercourse is allowed until cuts and bruises disappear completely. If you don’t want to experience this, you should immediately stop using all home-made devices and never start doing it again. You are advised to have arnica oil at home, which will help you relieve the pain caused by bruises and strains, and it also helps to fight inflammation.
  • Damages of nerves and blood vessels. This problem occurs when the blood flow remains interrupted for a long time or when too high pressure is applied to a certain body area. If you feel that your penis has lost its sensitivity in a certain area or completely, or if you see it becoming blue-green, you should rush to the surgeon immediately. It is really dangerous and should be treated by doctors.

Penis Extender Help

The problem every beginner encounters is the fact that pubic hair becomes a bit of a problem during penis exercises and when you use penis extenders. You are always afraid that you can pull hair unexpectedly and feel this horrible pain. In addition, your hair may become an obstacle when you want to get a good grip on the base of the shaft. What can you do? You may opt for either cutting your hair short or shaving it altogether. You will find it easier to go through a session without hair. You will not have to struggle or wait for pain. You may find it difficult to make a decision about shaving but your hair will grow again later.

And this is not the biggest problem. It is almost impossible to have full control of the penis for men. When it is necessary to get only partial erections, you may experience hard time. Some exercises need to be done when you have only a partial erection but most often men find themselves fully erect. It results in inability to do necessary exercises. It is recommended to think about something that does not refer to sex, you may think about food or money, watch TV, or look through a newspaper or a magazine. You will not have to wait long – your erection will subside a little soon.

Finally, it is not advisable to measure your penis frequently. You will not see quick results and it is an easy way to demotivate yourself. A man engaged in penis enlargement should remember it will take some time. There won’t be any quick gains. But you should keep in mind that you are striving for a better sex life and more enjoyable sex. Avoid rushing that can make all your efforts useless. You will get more if you stop thinking about getting it quickly.

Wear penis extender at night

Men want to add more and more inches to their penis as soon as possible and they put themselves at risk. It’s not a good idea to put yourself to risk simply because you would like to maximize you results in a shortest period of time. It will simply lead you to hurts that can prevent you from wearing a penis extender device completely, loss your time and moreover loss your gains.

Many of us may have thought that is better to wear penis extender at night because we can wear it for a long time – up to 10 hours each day – and no one else will see it underneath your clothes. No! Remember, do not wear penis extender at night because it is not highly recommended to use penis extender device for more than three hours without breaks.

If you wear penis extender at night, it can get tangled in the sheets while you’re asleep. Wearing penis extender while sleeping can get you to a serious hurt and pains because it can pull or tear your tissues. It’s advised to avoid this situation not to be embarrassed in your physician office when you explain how this injury could happen.

Penis extender can add up to 4 inches to your penis length and up to 3 inches to your girth size. However, do not attempt to wear penis extender for eight hours without breaks because it is surely not recommended too.

Penis curvatures

More than 3 percent of the entire US male population is estimated to be affected by penis curvature. It usually happens between the ages of 40 and 60, though it’s been seen in men as young as 20. Symptoms of penis curvature include: Painful erection makes sex difficult or completely impossible, Noticeable bend in the penis with erection, Noticeable narrowing of the erected penis girth, Thick band of hard tissue inside the penis.

Many men with penis curvature do not require any treatment. The penis curvature sometimes clears up by itself, though it may take up to 10 years. Other men, however, do need an urgent treatment. So if you detect a slight bend in your erect penis, you should act immediately before it gets worse and require surgery. The condition is usually progressive and leads to erectile dysfunction or inability to have a sex.

The exact cause of penis curvature is not known clearly but many experts think that the plaque that’s typical of penis curvature develops following injury (hitting or bending the penis) or over-energetic sex activity that causes localized bleeding within the penis. Other experts trace it to diabetes, circulatory disorders, or a genetic.

You can also try a penis exercise program to decrease the penis curvature. Members of penis exercise program can find a way to increase the length and girth of their penises. Penis exercises have been known for centuries to prevent penis curvature and premature ejaculation, to maintain and enhance sexual fitness throughout the years.

And this is where the penis extender can help you. The penis extender, also known as traction device, or stretching device works by forcing the tissue that inside the penis to expand instead of increasing the curvature. By using the penis extender regularly, the men who took part in clinical trials have been able to reduce their penis curvatures and even increase the size of their penises.

Penis Extenders FAQ

The penis extender device can be accompanied by access to the penis exercises website. The site lets users browse a comprehensive database of penis enlargement exercises. The exercises take only a couple of minutes per day and can help men increase both the length and girth of their penises.

Treat penile curvature

If you are dissatisfied with how your penis looks like and would like to treat penile curvature, you can try the ground-breaking system based on the latest medical invention: penis extenders. We suggest you should try a combination of four different male enhancement and penis enlargement methods to treat penile curvature from every angle possible. While you can find these methods individually, I think you can be successful by joining them all in one simple program, thus, giving you the maximum gains possible in the shortest period of time.

First, the use of a penis extender triggers your penis’s growth function. In order to adapt and adjust to this new force, your body begins to grow bulky, new tissue cells. This translates to an enormous increase in both the length and girth of your penis. Developed by the prominent Spanish urologist Dr. Eduardo A. Gomez de Diego, of Andrology Services, Andromedical Clinic, Madrid, Spain, the penis extender device has been extensively researched and tested to ensure you of its safety and effectiveness. Furthermore, all results are permanent, and once you reach your desired length, the penis extender never needs to be worn again.

The second step in the four-point program is the use of penis pills to enhance your penis. The penis pills contain a special herbal formula and sexually-enhancing nutrients to help increase blood circulation to the penile region so enlargement can occur.

Aside from increasing the size of your manhood, you can also find a way to increase sperm volume and fertility by supplying you with Volume Pills. The unique blend of ingredients of volume pills will provide you with the nutrients needed to produce up to 500% more sperm. These ingredients were specifically combined to stimulate sperm and testosterone production in the testicles.

Lastly, we recommend you a penis exercise program. By faithfully following the series of penis exercises for a few minutes each day, you can make your penis reach its full potential.

By combining all or only a few of 4 abovementioned methods, you can treat penile curvature as soon as possible and find other advantages of your better enhanced sex life!

Penis extenders 2009

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Whether you want to help me, or have a question, or want to suggest any idea, or whatever else – please do not hesitate to contact me. Remember, your feedback is very important and let me see what you want to see in my posts, articles, pages, etc. Your thoughts are likely to help me provide the excellent information about penis extenders that can be used by YOU!

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Effects of extender on penis

What are the exact effects of extender on the penis? According to Size Genetics Forum, this is the common question of men using the extender. The men as users have the right to know how both flaccid and erect gains can be achieved in wearing penis extender and performing the exercises. The effects of the extender and enlargement exercises do overlap in certain occasions. They are not completely interchangeable and should not be treated as such.

The main purpose of the extender is to stretch all the tissues that make up the penis. As the plastic ring and steel rods stretch the penis, the Tunica Albuginea, Corpora Cavernosa and Corpus Spongiosum are all forced to adjust to the new length and to stretch accordingly. The arteries and veins have to grow in size in order to cope with the increased flow of blood that helps the bigger and better erections. Rock hard erections and increased sensitivity of the penis are among the best effects of using penis extender correctly.

The extender also works upon the ligaments that keep the penis attached to the body. Since the larger plastic ring rests on the pubic area and the stretched penis is supposed to be in its flaccid state, it follows that the ligaments are stretched to a certain extent. But this is not the main area of focus for the traction device. As stated above, its main purpose is to stretch the tissues and, slowly, but surely, to increase the length and girth of the penis up to the size that the user is looking for. The enlargement exercises really help ligaments in this matter.

Unlike the extender, exercises can be used to attain certain targeted responses from the penis. Length exercises are different from girth exercises. Stretching the ligaments is a subcategory of the length exercises which usually focuses on pure stretching of the penis in order to force the ligaments to adjust to the new situation and expand. Expanded ligaments will allow the penis to hang longer than usual, while still maintaining their usual function.

We used SizeGenetics as a sample penis extender in this review. Sure, there are other extenders and before you purchase anything, you should do your own research. For example, you can compare leading penis extenders: Compare Size Genetics and VimaxExtender, Compare SizeGenetics and ProExtender.

Penis extender or Penis extender system?

Penis extender system primarily serves its purpose through the penis extender device. This piece of equipment is effective in enlarging penis by putting in the penile tissues to pressure. In the process of stretching, cells in the penile area divide. They grow and become sturdier. In effect, a larger looking penis in terms of both length and girth is developed.

Penis extender system also come with different kinds of pills. Penis Pills account for greater blood circulation in the penile region. What happens is that the pill’s special herb formula makes the Corpora Carvenosa, which is the spongy tissue in the penis, expand. By doing this, the penis gets larger. It was also proven that this pill makes penis erect fuller. In due course, it allows for the occurrence of intense orgasm. It can also make the climax last long.

Penis extender systems can also come with Sperm Volume Pills. Volume Pill is mainly responsible for increasing both the quality and sperm produced. Its special ingredients provide the nutrition necessary to generate more semen. It could even raise your sperm production by as much as 500%. In addition, like the penis pills, it can also enable you to orgasm more intensely.

Penis extender system can also include access to penis enlargement exercises. It educates you with activities that keep your penis fit. Using the penis extender, penis pills and volume pills, you will never go wrong. Satisfaction and sexual fulfillment is guaranteed. You can find facts that guarantee results in penis extender forum and SizeGenetics reviews

Modern penis extenders

During the 1990’s many research and development teams worked exclusively on the effect of traction on the penis body. Notable in their studies was a major medical breakthrough, that penis extender devices could have a dramatic affect on the growth of the penis. Researchers noticed approximately 20-30% increases in the length of the penis over a 2 month period.

The first modern penis extender was created by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana in 1994. Many modifications have been made to the current devices to make them more comfortable and more user-friendly.

Dr Jorn Ege Siana, MD has been an internationally renowned expert in the field of surgical and non-surgical penis enlargement since 1993. His credentials include: Medical Doctor (MD) – June 1983, School of Medicine, University of Copenhagen, Member of American Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, A.S.P.R.S. Resident in Plastic Surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital,University of New York, New York University Hospital, Founding member of International Association of Male Sexual Surgery, I.A.M.S.S.

Dr Jorn Ege Siana, MD, of Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery, presented the results of his clinical study at the 1st International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery held in Barcelona April 6th, 7th 8th, 1998. The minute amounts of stress applied by the penis extender result in the regeneration of skin cells, which in turn increases in both length and girth. Over the past decades, development teams keep working on the imporvements of the original traction device. As a result, you can find more than 20 different devices in the modern market that all use the original invention by Dr Jorn Ege Siana.

The problem with all of these devices is it makes it confusing for people that are trying to purchase the best product. However, you can find a real non-moderated sites in the Internet that will allow you to compare penis extenders. One of them is a Penis Extender Forum where you can find the seful penis extender information and unconstrained conversations, read the real user posts and see how real users rate products.