How Penis Extenders Can Cure Impotence

There are numerous causes of impotence, such as health problems, psychological and relationship issues and age-related problems. When those major triggers are activated, or when the balance of healthy conditions is affected negatively, successful erection cannot be reached and maintained, since it has the following unique mechanism of functioning:

  • Sexual arousal is step number one. Men can obtain it by watching, touching, hearing and smelling as well as from thinking.
  • The second step is nervous system response. The brain gives the order to the nervous system to increase the blood flow to the sexual organ.
  • The third step is blood vessels’ response. As the blood vessels supplying genitals relax, more blood flows into the shafts and it leads to the swelling, hardening and enlargement of the penis.

Nonphysical factors could be the reason for male impotence too. The most typical nonphysical factors are tension, anxiousness and exhaustion. Impotence can also be an accidental complication of mental issues like depressive disorder. The attitude to the partner is one more reason why the impotence can occur. When the spouse is not interested in the partner or has a hostile attitude then it can bring to impotence.

In some cases impotence may be a symptom of diseases. The nonphysical and physical causes of impotence may very often interact, making it pretty hard to detect the exact cause the condition originated from.

Undoubtedly, all of us are waiting for clear answers to the problems we have. But is there anything you can do except visiting your family doctor and being tested for a great number of different things until your physician is sure you are healthy? How can you make your sexual life, your penis dimensions, and your erections better? What can you do to cure impotence? There are several ways to deal with the enlargement of penis:

The first is surgery, a rather expensive and not safe enough method. No one in his right senses would spend more than $ 4000 and to stay with a scared penis and lasting regrets.

Penis pumps are risky instruments even for those who wish to attain a bigger harder erection, not to mention attempting to increase the penis. The vacuum they generate can help you obtain a penile erection, however you have to ensure you’re doing all things properly or you will harm your male organ structure forever. And no, they will not increase your male organ.

A method that is safe and effective is using penis extenders. By using penis extenders you make connective tissue of your penis generate more cells and, thus, increase the length and girth of your penis in erect and “relaxed” state as well. Users in penis extender forums say it takes a few weeks to achieve the expected result. Do not think that you will wake up with a bigger penis on the next day.

And there will hardly be any progress without your effort and desire. But if you find some time and put in some effort, you are sure to see impressive results.

Jerry K

Dr. Jerry K is the founder and CEO of, part of a team of more than 30 experts. Dr. Jerry K is not a medical doctor but holds a degree of Doctor of Psychology; he specializes in family medicine and sexual health products. During the last ten years Dr. Jerry K has authored a lot of health blogs and a number of books on nutrition and sexual health.